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Rent a car without Driver

Hire a car without Driver!

Renting a car without a driver is an unsung blessing in this age of inflation. For years, we are providing services with a million happy customers. So, if you are planning a road trip or you need an urgent car ride to somewhere, connect with us and reap the benefits of our contemporary services.

Your favourite Car Is Here

Are you looking for Honda city? Prado? Audi? Yes, we have your all favorite’s car’s. 24/7 you can contact us and avail the best services.  

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Honda Civic
Model# 2017-2020

  • Rs 6000 Per Day (Within City Lahore Travel)
  • Rs 6500 Per Day (Outstation Travel)
  • Rs 40,000 Per Week (Within City Lahore)
  • Rs 43,000 Per Week (For outstation travel)

Rs 150,000 Per month

Honda City
Model# 2017
Rent# 3500/Rs

  • Rs 3500 Per Day (Within City Lahore Travel)
  • Rs 4000 Per Day (Outstation Travel)
  • Rs 23,000 Per Week (Within City Lahore)
  • Rs 30,000 Per Week (For outstation travel

Rs 90,000 Per month

Honda BRV
Model# 2019-2020
Rent# 5500/Rs

  • Rs 5500 Per Day (Within City Lahore Travel)
  • Rs 6000 Per Day (Outstation Travel)
  • Rs 36,000 Per Week (Within City Lahore)
  • Rs 40,000 Per Week (Outstation travel)

Rs 120,000 Per month

Toyota Corolla
Model# 2018-20
Rent# 4000/Rs

  • Rs 4000 Per Day (Within City Lahore Travel)
  • Rs 4500 Per Day (Outstation Travel)
  • Rs 27,000 Per Week (Within City Lahore)
  • Rs 30,000 Per Week (For outstation travel)

Rs 105,000 Per month

Perks Of Renting A Car Without A Driver

Hiring a car without a driver can save you from many problems. Firstly, it lets you enjoy your moments without any outsider’s disturbance. If you are going on a vacation, family time is more important. Do not let it ruin by a stranger. Likewise, a hired car without a driver keeps your privacy confidential. You can stay at peace as your secrets would not go out. A car is still known as a valuable item. Stepping out from a luxurious car would add more to your grace and style. In fact, it is a cheaper option than buying a car for millions. Hire it, keep it as long as you enjoy; then replace and hire another.

Packages, We Offer

We offer packages which will suit your budget and taste.
Rent a triple seated luxury car. It will confirm your harmonious journey. Choose a low-budget car that comes with fuel maintains and runs on less mileage. Renting such cars suits everyone and just fits into the budget. They are highly economical.
How about going to a family vacation or a reception? Go for the ‘Bulk’ package to hire a Hiace or a coaster. Enjoy a private journey with all your loved ones.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

The cars have full documents and completely authorized for rental activities. We keep our cars insured. Also, our cars support the latest tracking system. So, any travel misfortune would be dealt with ease.

We Affirm Quality

Cars are cleaned after every ride. Great technicians and professional cleaners deeply look at these cars. So, the vehicles stay fully hygienic and aromatic. Hence, they are always ready to serve you. For special orders, we offer chauffeur drivers as well.

We Believe In Your Comfort

We stay available for every hour in the day, making sure our clients can stay stress-free and satisfied all the time. Also, We allow trials for great cars. It means you can try different cars options before buying a personal car for yourself.

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