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Having a car marks your status in society. Also, it improves your relaxation during travelling. However, if you cannot afford a luxurious car or if , if you are a lover of new cars and want to try the news ones, rent it through our website. However, having a 5 seated car is not enough. You need your style icon which guarantees your comfort and prestige.
We offer the facility of renting a luxurious car which matches your taste.

Try out our Audi. This beautiful car with the latest features is at your service just after you connect with us. It can be rented daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Charges may differ a little according to inflation and taxation.

Mercedes is one of the beloved choices of traveling if one wants smooth traveling a luxurious vehicle. It has been chosen by most of the people till date. It comes for regular, 7-days, fortnightly, and 30- days rental packages. Feel free to contact me for further details. Limousine and other cars would be on the list soon.

Luxury Car's rental rates:

Vehicle Models: Per day Rates per Weeks Rates Per Months Rates
Toyota Prado 2017-2019 Rs 12000 Rs 77000 Rs 290,000
Land Cruiser V8 2016-2019 Rs 27000 Rs 155000 Rs 660,000
Audi A6 Rs 45,000 Rs 189000 Rs 800,000
Audi A3 Rs 25,000 Rs 126000 Rs 500,000
Mercedeez E250 Rs 35000 Rs 230000 Rs 930,000

Avail Internal city toirs

Avail internal city tours with our luxurious cars. You would be charged in a fair less range for the city tours. So, you do not get any hurdle in traveling. However, you can take your car outstation. All you have to make a deal over the rates. The fares may vary according to the destination and the level of inflation in the country.

What if you want extra services? You can avail any kind of extra services just with a pinch of money. No matter, if it is about black covers, use of fresheners, or car d├ęcor. Likewise, do you want any further addition to your car? In fact, customize your rental car according to your requirements. Go ahead. We would provide whatever you demand. However, the deals would not be negotiable.

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