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Let’s Plan To Enjoy 23rd March 2019

rent a car deal on pakistan dayThis weekend all nations enjoy double dhamal on the trips. Yes, you read right because this Saturday the one of the most valuable date come that is 23rd march 2019 the resolution day of all the Muslims. In 1960 the all India Muslim league passed the Lahore Resolution by demanded the separate home-land for all the Muslims. Because in sub-continent Muslims suffered many difficulties and cruelty therefore all become united by the effort of Quaid-e Azam, encouraged poetry of Allama Iqbal and all of them companions. That’s why this day as important for all the Pakistani as Independence Day. The entire nation go the Minto Park (where the build Minar e Pakistan to commemorate of successful Passed Resolution) to visiting Minar-e- Pakistan. Many people stuck under the problem of transport because local transporters increase their prices due to this many people can’t approach it and some of them suffer less of transport facility but this year Lahore rent a car help you to make 23rd march 2019 is most memorable and make sure your tour for the Minar-e- Pakistan with your family and friends.

Public Day:

On this day Pakistan enjoy public holiday all the private and government sectors remain close. National program telecast on the television. Children fondly hear stories from their parents and grand-parents that after how many sacrifices resolution passed. We all have great love towards our country and this day was come in 1962 one of the happiest and celebration time during the struggle of getting separate home-land. Therefore we all should go to re-memorable the memories and sacrifices that our ancestors bear for us and coming generation. You can choose any car according your desire color, favorite model in very Cheap Rent a Car in Lahore. Don’t waste your time, let’s dial our number +92 300 8499507 and book your favorite car and give surprise to your family & friend of tomorrow trip in new charming car.

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